A PBG Christmas Thingy is a Christmas video where PBG receives a video game he hates for Christmas.

A PBG Christmas Thingy
A PBG Christmas Thingy
Upload Date December 22nd 2010
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Synopsis Edit

Austin walks into a room wearing a pink robe and holding a mug. He sees Smiley Man and asks him how Christmas is going. He doesn't respond, and Austin continues talking to himself.

He asks how Smiley's kids are doing, before a shot of Smiley killing his kids is seen. Austin continues to happily talk to him, and spills his drink. Austin splashes some water onto Smiley Man, and notices that Smiley Man has a present for him. 

Austin opens it (and throws Smiley Man away) only to find out that it is MySims for the Wii. Austin starts to cry and freaks out. Austin is disappointed because he hates this game. He decides to review it. He interrupts himself and states that he's not going to do it because the game is stupid. He yells at the viewer to leave.

Back to the game, and PBG starts singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. He shows clips of some of the videos he made throughout the year. The video ends on PBG continuing to sing.