Peanut Butter Gamer (aka PBG, real name Austin Hargrave) is a YouTuber and the star of The Peanut Butter Gamer Show. He is a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda, and has dedicated an entire month to the series. He is a member, and founder of NormalBoots alongside JonTron. PBG began making videos for ScrewAttack in 2010 as a community member but quickly became popular enough to quit his job and make YouTube videos full time.

Austin originally started his show while living in Dallas, Texas. As well as starting his own videos, he also made a minor appearance in ScrewAttack's Metal Gear Ben. Since then, he has moved house 7 times, and currently lives in Mills Creek, Washington. PBG is currently married to his wife Danielle, also known as Unicornism, who is an artist. The pair live with their pet dogs and ferrets.

PBG's birthday is July 25th 1990.

As of April 2018, his primary YouTube channel has about 2 million subscribers, and his secondary channel, PBGGameplay has about 800,000 subscribers. His Twitter account, @peanutbuttergmr, currently has over 300,000 followers.

Hardcore Statistics

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Other notes Last words
Minecraft #1 15 A single Enderman McJones, Dean, Barry, Jon While fighting the Enderman, he is seen switching from his diamond sword to his bow. Had he not done this, he may have been able to live.

The group had just decided to look for him seconds before his death.

I'm gonna die!
DayZ 1 Falls off a balcony while fleeing from a zombie Jon, Barry, Dean, Ross, Jared There's two- OH I FELL!
Terraria #1 9 Fighting the Eye of Cthulhu This was the first time PBG was the final survivor in a hardcore season. Oh it's an eyeball! It's an eyeball!
Minecraft #2 19 Slain by Zombie Pigman McJones, Barry Oh! Oh! Help me! Help me!
Diablo 2 12 Gets stuck and is swarmed by enemies McJones, Paul, Jirard While in the middle of the fight, PBG was locked in place due to the Zeal ability. Earlier in the series, PBG accidentally chose the Zeal ability when upgrading. I can't get out! I can't get out!
Minecraft #3 11 Burns to death after escaping lava Shane, Smooth McGroove While trying to build a base, he and McJones dig into lava. PBG escapes, but burns to his death. I have two hearts! A heart and a half, a heart- (McJones burns to death) oh and I'm gonna die, too!
MineZ 16 Falls off a balcony while fleeing from a zombie Jeff, Brutalmoose, Barry Austin was actually the last to die, but his death is shown fourth and his face is x'ed out while the other three remaining people are fighting the giant. This was done as he felt it would be anti-clamatic with the series ending by him fleeing from a zombie compared to fighting the giant.[citation needed]

The way Austin dies in MineZ is identical to the way he died in DayZ. Both feature him falling off platforms trying to escape zombies.

He hears me! He hears me! Okay, okay, he hears-
Terraria #2 12 Crushed by a boulder ProtonJon, Jeff, McJones That's why you cut it out, Jeff.
Minecraft #4 none - Austin lived alongside Jeff, Dean and McJones Four people achieved the goal in this season. They would have a battle royale, and PBG would be shot by Dean, seconds after the same happened to McJones.
Minecraft #5 20 Blown up by a creeper Jeff Blown up very suddenly, just a few seconds after he calls some wild pink sheep "bad omens". Contrary to Jeff's belief, PBG was at full health. Todd, the editor, saw the creeper approach him, and found his death very hilarious. These fake pigs are bad omens. Let's get outta here.
Terraria #3 18 Burns to death Lucahjin, Luke, McJones, Dean Austin was trying to mine some iron, not noticing that he was hitting a bit of meteor on top of him, resulting in his death. What?!
MineZ #2 12 Knocked into the void by a zombie. Jeff, Ian, Jared Barry and Austin die at almost the exact same time. "AAHHHH!!"
Minecraft #6 14 Knocked into lava by a baby Zombie Pigman while trying to go through the nether portal. Chad, Jared, Dean, Jeff Dodger and Austin die at almost the exact same time. "I got knocked off! Nooooo!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!"
Starbound 22 Takes fall damage on an elevator as a result of severe lag. Luke, Reese, Jared, Jirard, Jesse "Can I please, please, please please please.."
Minecraft #7 18 Blown up by a creeper that suddenly dropped from above. Jeff Very similar to his death in Minecraft #5. "Although-"


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