"The greenest of Minecrafters despite playing it *before* it was cool, Dodger just wants to mine, man. She's quick to excite and quick to fight! It can be difficult to tell if she's screaming in terror, hilarity, or joy at times, but certainly all three are appreciated."
— Dodger's Hardcore bio

Dodger (also known as PressHearttoContinue, Dexbonus, or her real name Brooke Thorne) is a friend of Austin Hargrave. She has her own gaming channel, along with a vlog channel.

In HardcoreEdit

Dodger makes her debut in Minecraft Hardcore Season 6. It is revealed that she only plays when friends ask her to, but at that point, she is unaware of the new addition added to the game. Nonetheless, she gets a laugh out of everyone and exceeds at helping her team, from helping the group mine to retrieving the Totem of Resurrection.

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Other notes
Minecraft #6 10 Blown up by a creeper while trying to ensure everyone was safe. PBG, Chadtronic, ProJared, Dean, SpaceHamster She is the first player to be revived via the Totem of Resurrection
14 Walks through the nether portal into lava while trying to escape Zombie Pigmen. PBG, Chadtronic, ProJared, Dean, SpaceHamster PBG dies less than a second after her.

Also, as noted by Dean, Dodger is the first person to die twice in a row.


Trivia Edit