Ft. RubberRoss + ProJared is the first episode of DayZ Hardcore.

Ft. RubberRoss + ProJared
Upload Date November 4th 2012
Series DayZ
Episode No. 1

Deaths McJones, Austin and Jon

Synopsis Edit

Everyone begins separated, with Austin and Barry starting close to each other. Dean is trying to meet up with them, but is being chased by zombies. McJones is being shot at, and is killed straight away. Barry, Austin and Dean hide from zombies inside a lookout tower, and they head to the top to get away from the zombie. They go down a ladder off the building. Jon is still lost.

Jared is in a warehouse doing quite well, he's already got beans and other items. Soon, Jon meets up with Austin and Dean. They run into the control tower, and are chased by the zombies up the tower. The zombies start climbing the ladders, and Austin panics and glitches off the edge of the tower and dies. Jon thinks this is funny, and jumps off and dies too.

Ross has no idea what to do. Barry and Dean meet up again. They are both being chased by a lot of zombies.