FINALE! is the third and final episode of DayZ Hardcore.

Upload Date November 22nd 2012
Series DayZ
Episode No. 3

Deaths Ross and Jared

Synopsis Edit

Jared and Ross end up in a building, where they can hear bullets being shot. They find some guys with guns, who claim they won't shoot them and that they should go to the church. The game glitches out again, and Jared and Ross lose the guy they were following.

Ross is being chased by a lot of zombies. They run into a house and Ross finds a pistol. Ross starts throwing glow sticks at zombies. Ross continues to throw random things, and is soon killed by a zombie.

Jared is now left alone and he begins to go crazy and tries to drink a Pepsi. Jared wanders around through the town for a while and kills more zombies. Someone starts shooting Jared, and he is killed.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only episode titled 'Finale' where the end goal is not being attempted.
  • This is the only season where someone dies in every episode, and even if that record is eventually beaten, this is the only season where at least TWO people die in every episode.