Ft. RubberRoss, Paul, and TheCompletionist! is the first episode of Diablo 2 Hardcore.

Ft. RubberRoss, Paul, and TheCompletionist!
Upload Date September 21st 2013
Series Diablo 2
Episode No. 1

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Everyone introduces themselves. Everyone starts by killing everything in sight. McJones is glad there isn't friendly fire. Barry doesn't know what he's doing so he just clicks on everything. McJones walks into a building, but it suddenly catches on fire and he has to run back out.

Dean has a skeleton ally. Ross is attacked by enemies and loses a lot of health. They complete the first quest (Den of Evil), and begin the second quest (Sisters' Burial Grounds). Austin is swamped by enemies, but manages to heal himself. 

Everybody enters a cave. Austin goes and gets himself lost as usual. Ross and Barry manage to run away from a battle they were losing. Austin wants to leave the cave, as the enemies are too strong.