OOH ROSS! is the fourth episode of Diablo 2 Hardcore.

Upload Date October 7th 2013
Series Diablo 2
Episode No. 4

Deaths Ross

Synopsis Edit

The team is heading towards Dark Wood. Dean finds the Tower Cellar.Everyone is being attacked by ghosts. Barry and Ross come very close to dying. Jirard points out how Dean screams despite never losing any health, and has an army of skeletons protecting him. The boss has been killed, but neither Austin nor Dean even saw her.

The next mission is called Tools of the Trade. Austin gets surrounded by a huge army of enemies. Dean enters The Pit. McJones points out that the password "Butts" has been on the screen this whole time. Ross is almost killed again. McJones comes close to dying and wastes a bunch of potions healing himself. They are about to fight a boss in the Outer Cloister (in the Monastery).

They kill a Smith. Barry almost dies after walking into a room. The team fight some Bone Mages, who are using the same spells as McJones. One of them kills Ross. Barry also gets into trouble again, but survives. Paul almost dies from the boss, but it gets killed. Barry almost dies again.