Upload Date December 28th 2013
Series Diablo 2
Episode No. 7

Deaths None

THIS IS THE WORST! is the seventh episode of Diablo 2 Hardcore.

Synopsis Edit

Dean discovers the Halls of the Dead. Austin accidentally uses his own scroll and is now lost and alone. Jirard goes to find Austin, meanwhile McJones and Paul are fooling around while they wait. Austin screws up and has to backtrack all the way through the last dungeon to get the scroll he forgot to pick up.

They reach Dry Hills and are looking for Maggot Lair. A strange noise appears and the screen flashes, shocking everyone, and The Tainted Sun quest appears.

They arrive at the Maggot Lair, and Jirard and Paul state that they hate this section because everything poisons you. Austin can't open a closed door, and Jirard just gets it open. They enter, and are swarmed by bugs. Austin almost dies and keeps getting in Dean's way. Everyone agrees that Paul should take the lead. Everyone walks through a narrow passage, and nobody can move. Austin keeps on getting in everyone's way. Jirard forces Austin and Dean through a portal.