GHOST BUSTERS! is the eighth episode of Diablo 2 Hardcore.

Upload Date January 12th 2014
Series Diablo 2
Episode No. 8

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

They fight the maggot boss. Austin doesn't notice himself almost die. He has barely any health left. Austin creates a plan to continue playing once they beat Diablo. Austin then finds a prophecy on how the series will end - which involves him being the hero, while McJones and Jirard are hiding.

They enter the Lost City. Someone clicks on the fire shrine (most likely Austin), which heavily damages everyone, and everyone screams. The team reach a boss fight. Everyone picks up their staff, and Jirard creates the portal out of the dungeon. Austin walks into a room, and discovers a room full of lots of enemies.

Austin points out that they have changed their password from Butts to Randbrip, and encourages the audience to work out what it means. Austin starts playing GhostBusters music.