SpaceHamster, a.k.a. Jeff, is the editor of PBGGameplay, and a friend of Peanut Butter Gamer. He has his own YouTube channel and he co-stars with PBG in PB&Jeff. SpaceHamster is one of the members of Hidden Block.

He has over 400 videos uploaded, with most of them being old Lets Plays and Terraria videos. He switched to reviews later, and all of his reviews are marked as "SpaceHamster Originals"


PBG tries to bribe Brutalmoose and Jeff to play Link The Faces of Evil (CDI) for him. Jeff reluctantly agrees.

PBG and Jeff play Goofball Goals together. Three times !

PBG, Jeff and Jirard all play Dungeon Defenders 2 and Orcs Must Die together.

PBG, Jeff, ProJared, and Brutalmoose all play SMITE together.

PBG, Jeff and Brutalmoose derp around in Mount & Blade .

PBG askes Jeff if he "wants to 'sploon'" in his Splatoon review.

Jeff is one of the competitors in the Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars Hardcore .

All of the PB&Jeff episodes, obviously, as Jeff is the co-host.


"If Austin is goofy then Jeff is bonkers. He has a penchant for escalation when things get silly, but when it’s time to lay out the logistics, Jeff becomes calm and collected. A competent adventurer, Jeff is arguably the most reliable before, during, and after a fight to get the job done."
— Jeff’s former bio
"Jeff has a penchant for escalation when things get silly, but when it comes to building a solid infrastructure, you can guarantee he’s working on it. A competent adventurer, Jeff is arguably the most reliable before, during, and after a fight to get the job done."
— Jeff’s current bio

In PBG’s series, “Hardcore,” Jeff started out as a guest for the series before being promoted to a regular alongside PBG, McJones, Dean, and Barry. While he can be as silly as PBG (being described as “bonkers” in his Minecraft Hardcore Season 5 bio), he knows when a situation becomes serious and to stop goofing off. He is a competent player and fighter, being one of the last members to die in every season he’s appeared in (bar Terraria Hardcore Season 3 and Starbound Hardcore). He also has a knack in improving the team’s base, as seen in Terraria Hardcore Season 3 and Minecraft Hardcore Season 6. This, however, often leads to the other having more defense than him.


SpaceHamster is first mentioned in Top 10 Secret Ghost Easter Eggs , where he lies to PBG about seeing a ghost in Hillside in Chivalry.

SpaceHamster is one of the Mii friends PBG makes in Tomodachi Life .

PBG constantly mentions Jeff during many of the gameplay series he makes, as Jeff is the editor. Especially during Sucking At , as PBG constantly tells Jeff not to add something to the video when he stuffs up.

Hardcore Stats

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Other notes Last words
Terraria #1 9 Fighting the Eye of Cthulhu PBG PBG died moments after Jeff died. "Oh god, I can't, I can't move- NOOO!!—"
MineZ #1 16 Stomped on by the giant zombie. Brutalmoose, Barry Brutalmoose and Barry died moments after Jeff died, as they all were defeated by the giant zombie. "No! No! No! No! No!"
Terraria #2 23 Let himself fall down the 'hellevator' and hit a stray rock. McJones Moments before dying, Jeff joked to McJones about dying from sticky keys. Jeff then put away his parasol and fell to his death. "What if sticky keys killed you?"
Minecraft #4 none - Jeff lived alongside PBG, Dean and McJones 4 people survived at the end of this season.
Minecraft #5 23 While on top of one of the protected pillars in The End, the Ender Dragon covered the entire pillar in acid breath, and Jeff couldn't get off of it in time. Jeff and his two dogs were the only ones that made it into The End. "Oh crap, OH CRAP! OH NO! NOOOOOOOO!"
Terraria #3 15 While climbing the house, he tested out a hook Yungtown gave him, but missed hooking onto a structure and fell to his death. PBG, Yungtown, McJones, Lucahjin, Dean This is the first season in which Jeff dies before the final episode. "Aww.."
MineZ #2 12 Blown up by a baby zombie pigman. Ian, Jared "Little Piggies... AHHH!"
Minecraft #6 none - Chad, Dean Three people achieved the goal this season.
Starbound 15 Accidentally used his Blink Explosion ability which teleported him over a drop which he fell into. Austin, Barry, Reese, Luke, Jared, Jirard, Jesse This the first time that Jeff has died first "Monster man. A! NO! AHHHHHH!"
Minecraft #7 19 Flung off a ladder by the Ender Dragon. "NOOOOO!!! HE KNOCKED ME!!!"


  • SpaceHamster has many nicknames: Joof, JeffLikeFeff, Hammy, and SpaceHammy.
  • With PB&Jeff, SpaceHamster has the most collabs with PBG.
  • He has a second channel, where he reuploads twitch streams named "Hammy".
  • In all times Jeff has died before the final episode, it was because he missused an item/ability and then falls to his death


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