Kyle, or "Kyrak" is a YouTuber and friend of Peanut Butter Gamer. He starred in several of PBG's early videos, two of his old series, and was also in Hardcore. Kyle is known for being a poet.

Appearances Edit

He co-starred with PBG in "PB&J Reviews!", a series that PBG did way back. However, because it was always taken too seriously when they joked about relatively successful games, PBG deleted a bunch of the videos. The only episode that is still up is "Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games", the only one that wasn't criticised because of the game having no reception.

Kyle stopped appearing in PBG's videos, due to PBG moving away, and Kyle having bad internet connection.

He also appeared in Gaming dudes with one of the episodes being "Derby Dogs" - another video that wasn't received well.

Kyle starred alongside McJones in "Adventure to MINECRAFT HELL!". He also cameoed in both "I Dream of Dreamcast (Part 3)" in his "The original vlogger" suit.

Kyrak Eating Brownies

Kyrak eating brownies.

Kyrak's Minecraft character is seen in "The G-Files: Minecraft".

In an SGC panel, someone who went in the same school as PBG and Kyrak said that Kyle spoiled all of Minecraft Hardcore Season 2 for her.

Kyle also was one of the co-founders of many old channels.

Hardcore Edit

Kyrak has trouble with his connection throughout his entire time on Hardcore, which inevitably made them have a "Kyle Sacrifice Session", where PBG killed him.

Hardcore Stats Edit

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Other notes
Minecraft Season 2 8 Due to his bad internet connection, the remaining players had to kill him off. Jared, NCS, Austin, McJones, Barry It definitely wasn't PBG!