PBG reviews Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 2 Review and Gameplay
Upload Date February 2nd 2010
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PBG is sitting in a suit drinking tea while looking at a fish tank. He introduces the show in an English accent. He starts by saying the visuals are astounding, but interrupts himself, as he realizes he looks stupid. He changes into his regular clothes, moves into his gaming room and talks properly again. He reintroduces the show, and a rare opening theme begins.

PBG gives an introduction to the game. He begins with the bad stuff and spoilers - there isn't much. There are some controls issues as some controls are assigned to the same buttons, which proved to be annoying in heated combat situations. The camera sensitivity is the only feature that can be made with the mouse sensitivity. There are also noticeable bugs, most of which happen when talking to NPC's, but PBG got stuck on objects or started floating through the air.
Mass Effect 2 Review and Gameplay

Mass Effect 2 Review and Gameplay

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Now for the good stuff. The best improvement is the combat system. The squad control works better than the first game - most of the time. The abilities that squad members have are entertaining to use. The side quests from squad members are fun, and makes the player more fond of the characters. The Mission Briefing was helpful and something the original Mass Effect was missing.

PBG also appreciated Shepard's Private Terminal. PBG also liked how players can import their saves from the previous game, being able to import the character used and the choices they made in the original, and it affects the outcome of this game.

PBG says that this is probably the best game he played in 2010 and 2009, and that's saying a lot considering how much he loved Uncharted 2.