Dean dies the way he lived - being a fool.

MineZ HC #2! - Part 5 (GETTING GREEDY!)
Upload Date August 9th 2017
Series MineZ Hardcore Season 2
Episode No. 5

Deaths Dean


Team 1Edit

At Stonehedge, Dean is attacked by zombies after running off on his own. Both chests had zombies in them! Everyone trades their items. PBG plans to go to the Observatory. They arrive at another ruined fort.

Dean is attacked by a zombie, and is killed. PBG tried to tell him to not run into stuff with low health. Everyone saw it coming. Dean died being a fool! PBG watches the sunset.

PBG tries to pronounce Tristita. They come across the observatory. PBG makes mushroom soup. PBG climbs up the obsevatory. A zombie drops onto PBG, pushing him off the edge. PBG continues to climb up the tower. PBG is surprised at how high it goes - and wonders how to get back down. This is what they have to do at the end.

It feels bad to die in Hardcore, especially after being an MVP in the past. They cross the river, while PBG explains the zombie pigmen in this game. PBG wants to rename the team 'Group Roman Numerals II'. Everyone guesses that everyone on the other team is still alive. They put bets on who has died. PBG becomes worried about drowning. PBG wants to put on the screen that they are all dead. "No."

They soon find land. They make jokes about the hot dog. They discuss what happens if everyone on the other team dies.