Both teams approach the meeting point. Will they make it out alive?

MineZ HC #2! - Part 6 (THE BOWL FINDER!)
Upload Date August 12th 2017
Series Top 10's
Episode No. 6

Deaths None


Team II They stopped the recording, and someone appeared, ran towards them, and ran away. PBG and co walk away from the ghost, hoping to not see him again. The team finds the forest. Ian continues to look out for the ghost as they discuss him again. Ian sees the person again.

The forest is dark, and PBG can barely see anything. They try to walk in a line to find the city. They were going to go somewhere else to meet up initially. PBG sees the city within the forest. They crawl in and see a zombie. There are many zombies in the city. PBG heads up a ladder into a building.


Group B (or A)Edit

Jeff finds another bowl. McJones makes a joke about Jared dying to explosions. They head to Anvalia. Jeff drinks an unknown potion, and was fine. Jeff starts playing I Spy. While they are playing, they suddenly come across a floating lit up city.

Jared climbs up stairs that has a lot of holes. Jeff fights two zombies on the steps. Jeff reaches some houses, finding cocoa beans for cookies. They continue to investigate the dangerous platforms, fighting a few zombies along the way. McJones finds some potions. Jeff is terrified by the random hole in a house that goes all the way down! This place is sketchy!

They decide to head down to the mines instead. McJones and Jeff are both afraid of heights. Jeff is pulled by a zombie across a gap. Suddenly, Jared falls into the same gap.

"Will the mushroom soup cult reach Trisitia alive? Comment down below!"