The party sing Zelda songs off key, exchange items a lot, find an oasis, and test out a strange beacon.

MineZ HC #2! - Part 8 (THE OASIS!)
Upload Date August 16th 2017
Series MineZ Hardcore Season 2
Episode No. 8

Deaths None


Tristitia McJones leads everyone out of the forest, but they are attacked by a zombie. They use co-ordinates in MineZ to help them, but it is cheating in regular Minecraft. Jeff has a map open in front of him.

They discuss crouching through the forest. PBG discusses climbing the tower. Everyone takes a drink as they reach the water. They discuss their team names. McJones wanted them to both be team B. Jared starts playing I Spy. Ian actually wanted to play! PBG spies something sexy. McJones guesses himself - but it is the hot dog.

They see land, and arrive in a desert. PBG sings a song about Dean dying. McJones, Jeff and Jared didn't even get to talk to Dean and see what kind of anime he was!

They arrive at an Oasis. They discuss how much the last season sucked as they raid the oasis.

"And then they made stuff and exchanged stuff"

The next destination is Knoxmoor Inn. McJones discusses how to get there. Jeff falls behind, and everyone has to wait for him. Ian was asking for it for being a hot dog. Everyone makes fun of the hot dog, and makes hot dog jokes.

Everyone reaches a big cliff. PBG and Barry talk about Skyward Sword, and how minimal the soundtrack is in Breath of the Wild.

They find the Mana Tree. They think about climbing it, but McJones doesn't think there is a way up. PBG sings an off-key version of a Zelda song. Jeff wants Todd to remix it and use it constantly.

"I would never do something so cruel to our audience, wow."

McJones and Barry find a weird beacon at Knoxmoor. The rest of the party searches graves and the rest of the town. Jared is attacked by a zombie. Everyone shares their loot around.

"Again with the making stuff and exchanging stuff"

Everyone else now discovers the beacon. PBG almost jinxes everyone.