The party walks through a cave where they hear other players, and McJones gets stuck.

MineZ HC #2! - Part 9 (THE JUMP!)
Upload Date August 19th 2017
Series MineZ Hardcore Season 2
Episode No. 9

Deaths None


Outside KnoxmoorEdit

There weren't any holes in the bridge. They are near the pirate ship, and discover a cave. PBG finds a pigman. It explodes into zombies when they are shot. Everyone is lagging, and arrows aren't being shot very far. Zombies attack the group.

PBG and Jeff want to explore the cave. PBG sees a player, and they prepare to kill him - before realizing that it was Jeff. Jeff went in to explore the cave. Everyone was ready to shoot! McJones wants to go back.

McJones and Barry are left behind as the leaders continue to explore. McJones thinks this connects to Sirus. Suddenly, a player starts talking. Another player got murdered. Jared threatens one of the players. McJones joins in. Jared just wanted to spook them!

Jeff struggles to eat, and everyone tries to fill up water. PBG gets left behind and Jared waits for him to walk past him. They climb up a staircase which is broken.

They enter the railway. McJones is worried about having to make a jump. McJones tries to make the jump, and misses, falling onto a platform below. McJones is stuck below, and everyone else believes that he is dead. McJones uses a grappling hook to get onto the rail. Everyone is annoyed as McJones never revealed that he had a fishing rod from the start!

Everyone boos him and plans to leave him. McJones gets stuck in a web. McJones tries to grapple away. PBG wants to jump across to McJones to help, but everyone else wants him to stay since he doesn't have a hook.

"Wait a minute, where did Ian and Barry go?"

Ian and Barry are outside the cave, playing a game with fish.

"We now return to "Stress" ft. McBatman"

McJones grabs Jeff with the grappling hook! Eventually, McJones saves himself. Ian jokes about trying the jump again.