BUNCH O' TORCHES! is the eleventh episode in Season 1 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date September 4th 2012
Series Minecraft Season 1
Episode No. 11

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Austin starts singing in the snow. A skeleton shoots Barry's boots off. Austin checks for Enderman again. Several more creepers explode as the team travel at night. They decide to dig through the mountain rather than go over it. They finally kill an Enderman and find a pearl. Jon says that they already have two. They still haven't realized that arrows do not affect Enderman.

They manage to take out a second Enderman. They arrive back at their first house, and take all of their important equipment as they don't plan on returning.Everyone hates the renovations that Jon has done to the house. Dean goes to explore a cave and almost dies. The nether portal is created.