A GLIMPSE OF THE END! is the seventeenth episode in season 1 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date September 21st 2012
Series Minecraft Season 1
Episode No. 17

Deaths McJones, Dean

Synopsis Edit

Everybody makes it into the stronghold. McJones ends up in a mineshaft and is surrounded by endermen. McJones throws a pearl to find where they need to go but it disappears. He only has 10 pearls left, and nobody is sure whether or not they are in the right place. McJones finds the portal. Thankfully Barry has extra pearls because McJones didn't have enough. They fill the portal, and everyone enters The End portal.

McJones falls off the edge of the platform and dies. Nobody noticed at the time, but the replay revealed that the Enderdragon actually pushed McJones off the platform. The remaining three head towards the arena, and see the dragon flying above them. Barry shoots the crystals that protects the dragon. Dean gets attacked by the dragon. The remaining three continue to destroy the crystals.

Dean climbs up a pillar, and Jon and Barry both get attacked by Endermen. They all slowly attack the dragon, but Barry is attacked by multiple Endermen. The dragon takes the opportunity to attack, and pushes Dean into an Enderman, which kills Dean.