AIN'T NO ENDIES! is the eighth episode of season 1 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date August 23rd 2012
Series Minecraft Season 1
Episode No. 8

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Barry begins to build a 'tent' due to the rain starting to come down. Everyone joins in and builds horribly. Dean accidentally shoots Austin when they are killing a creeper. Dean decides to build a cobblestone tower, and forgot a pickaxe and needed rescuing. Jon then destroys McJones' rescue tower. Everyone except Barry starts fighting.

Barry fixes the tent. McJones walks outside the tent to a creeper, and the creeper walks in and almost kills everyone inside, but Austin kills it with his diamond sword. Barry finds an Enderman underground.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Hardcore episode that changes the point of view, as McJones starts having his point of view seen.