Stupidest Plan Ever! is the sixteenth episode in season 2 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Stupidest Plan Ever!
Upload Date June 4th 2013
Series Minecraft Season 2
Episode No. 16

Deaths none

Synopsis Edit

Austin almost jumped into lava because of a graphical glitch. Austin and Barry find the mine-shaft they were looking for. McJones uses an invisibility potion. Austin is worried about how vulnerable he would be without his armor. Soon, all three of them become invisible. A skeleton walks past Austin, and he it looks directly at him! McJones walks past a creeper. Barry drops out. Austin gets trapped by a skeleton. Barry fights a zombie. Barry gets surrounded by creepers and kills them.

They head towards the cave spiders. They find a chest, but it was a chest they already found. They continue finding chests and find enchantment books, diamonds and gold, but still no melons.