Beautiful Music! is the seventeenth episode in season 2 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Beautiful Music!
Upload Date June 7th 2013
Series Minecraft Season 2
Episode No. 17

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

They get poisoned by the cave spiders. McJones gets rid of the spawner. Several more chests later, and still no melons. Austin sees a creeper and almost gets blown up by it. Barry finally finds the melon seeds. They try to find the way out and get very lost. They decide to dig up.

Austin sings a song, and McJones wants to kill him. Eventually, they get back to the base. Barry continues to suck up to Austin. Austin reveals that he has an Infinity 1 book, which means he no longer needs arrows for his bow. Everyone starts killing enemies for experience. Barry and McJones think about killing an enderman, but the enderman starts killing itself on the cactus, so they finish it off.