Today We Farm! is the nineteenth episode in season 2 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Today We Farm!
Upload Date June 14th 2013
Series Minecraft Season 2
Episode No. 19

Deaths Austin, McJones

Synopsis Edit

Austin sees a 'bad omen' in the wall of the nether. Barry kills multiple Wither Skeletons for no reward. They kill a group of four Wither Skeletons for no reward. Everyone is so bored they make terrible jokes. The team discuss killing zombie pigmen, because they seem to be overrunning. Immediately, everyone gets swamped by several pigmen and realize that it was a bad idea.

Austin continues to accidentally hit pigmen. The Wither Skeletons begin to spawn again. Austin is killed by a zombie pigmen he didn't see until it was too late. A ghast hits Barry from above. After another zombie pigmen attack, and they both almost die, McJones and Barry build 'safe zones' to protect themselves more.

More Wither Skeletons and zombie pigmen are killed. Trying to kill another Wither Skeleton, the pair are attacked by another zombie pigmen that they didn't see and McJones is killed. Barry's game crashes, and is alone.