IDENTITY ISSUES! is the second episode in season 2 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Upload Date April 16th 2013
Series Minecraft Season 2
Episode No. 2

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Everyone talks nerd smack-talk to each other, when they are interrupted by a spider. This is followed by numerous other enemies, which almost kill Jared and Dean. The skeleton is standing at the door, so Dean opens the door to try and attack it, but the skeleton strikes first. Barry returns to the game.

McJones, Jared and NCS (Tim) go to save Barry while Dean, Kyrak and Austin hunt. A creeper comes and hits Tim. Austin and Dean discover a Jungle Temple. Kyrak drops out again. Dean looks directly at an Enderman, and everyone runs back to the house. Jared puts a cactus trap up, but Austin runs into it.