Danger, Danger! is the ninth episode in season 2 of Minecraft Hardcore.

Danger, Danger!
Upload Date May 10th 2013
Series Minecraft Season 2
Episode No. 9

Deaths None

Synopsis Edit

Everyone gets all of their armor on to prepare for the Nether. They all go into the ravine and get their obsidian. Barry tries to kill a bat, and accidentally looks at an Enderman, and gets down to half a heart, and manages to hide in a wall while McJones kills it.

Jared finds some diamond. A bat is eventually killed. Jared gets blown up by a creeper and is almost killed after multiple skeleton and creeper attacks. McJones is almost killed by a creeper explosion building a bridge. McJones then explains how to spawn the Wither in case he dies.

Trivia: This is the second episode of Hardcore titled Danger, Danger!. The last one was in Minecraft Hardcore Season 1.