PBG has a large number of shows between his two channels. This is a brief list and discussion of all of them.

PeanutButterGamer Edit

PBG's first and main channel.

Show Name Description Thumbnail / Logo
Reviews This is PBG's main show, which doesn't have a formal name. It is a 'review' sort of show, where PBG talks about one or several games or sometimes TV shows.
The G-Files PBG talks about the strange mysteries and weird things that happen in video games.
Top 10's PBG counts down his top 10 favorite things in video games.
To Kill An Avatar On this show, PBG shows his sadistic side by killing as many characters as possible.

Other shows Edit

Show Name Description Thumbnail / Logo
Hacking PBG hacks a video game to see what funny results he can find.
Goodwill Games PBG goes to the thrift store to buy some cheap games. Will he find anything good?
Zelda Month November is Zelda Month, where PBG makes a lot of videos about The Legend of Zelda, as it is his favorite game franchise.
Announcement Videos
Other Videos Other videos that don't fit into the above shows.

PBGGameplay Edit

This channel is used for whenever PBG wants to do a let's play or gameplay show.

Recurring Shows Edit

Show Name Description Thumbnail / Logo
Hardcore PBG and his friends have a difficult goal to face on Hard difficulty. Should any of them die, they're dead for good!
Sucking At PBG tries to let's play a Mario game, and sucks at it.
PB & Jeff Austin and Jeff play games together.
Collection Series PBG aims to collect everything in a game in a walkthrough series.
One-offs PBG makes a let's play of a game, but only plays it once.

Other Series Edit

Series Name Description Thumbnail
Skyward Sword Walkthrough PBG began making a walkthrough of Skyward Sword, but never got around to finishing it.
Let's Play Skyrim A short series of PBG playing Skyrim.
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke PBG plays through Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, with Hardcore rules!
Animal Crossing GCN PBG plays Animal Crossing on the GameCube.

Convention Panels Edit

PBG SGC Panel 2014 - PAX Prime 2015 - PBG Loves Trolls 2015 SGC Panel

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