The Smiley Man is a sadistic doll that enjoys torturing Peanut Butter Gamer and making his life miserable. He often appears in Christmas videos and usually gives PBG a MySims game whenever he shows up.

PBG lost Smiley Man for some time during 2015 as revealed at his PAX panel. He was eventually found in a cupboard, and started making brief appearances in videos again. PBG reveals in RIP Smiley Man?? - Replying to YOUR Comments! #1 that he has multiple Smiley Men, and the one he burnt in Weird Dreams was a smaller one.

Appearances on the main channel Edit

Smiley Man first appears in A PBG Christmas Thingy, where PBG happily discusses Christmas with him. Smiley Man has apparently killed his own children. Smiley Man gives PBG a gift - My SIms, a game that PBG hates.

He appears again in The Worst Game I've Ever Played, where PBG apologizes for not including him in PBG's Christmas video. Smiley Man has another gift for PBG anyway. PBG punches him.

The present is revealed to be a map, returning PBG to the location that he buried MySims in MySlave Kingdom. PBG uncovers that his present was MySims Kingdom. At the end of the video, PBG decides the Smiley Man stint is getting old, and magics Smiley Man away, never to be seen again.

PBG and Smiley Man rapped together in DerpSims Agents. This is the first time neither PBG nor Smiley Man do anything to annoy the other.

Smiley Man appears on the shelf behind PBG in both Super Mario Bros. Super Show #2 and Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. He is seen again in the Gameboy Color segment in Top 10 Trippiest Video Games.

In the video Weird Dreams, Smiley Man tells PBG to play the game of the same name. When PBG finally finishes the game (with a little bit of cheating and a lot of frustration), he burns Smiley Man on a grill. Afterwards, Smiley Man returns and strangles PBG in his sleep.

In Pokemon Go is DEMONIC?!, Smiley Man appears in the shelf with a smaller Smiley Man.

Appearances on PBGGameplay Edit

Smiley Man can be seen behind PBG on a shelf watching him in the MySims series.