PBG makes an announcement video stating that he is tired of Zelda Month.

Sorry + Tired of Zelda Month
Upload Date November 22nd 2016
Series Announcement Videos

Zelda Month


Synopsis Edit

PBG doesn't normally do this, but he wanted to get the message out to everyone rather than doing it on Twitter. PBG is running behind in Zelda Month. it usually extends into December. Last year, four videos were filmed in his old office, and the fifth in this office. PBG usually gets ahead in October to get all the work done, but after travelling a lot and getting sick set him back. PBG has been stressed in the past few months.

PBG realizes that Zelda Month isn't as fun as it used to be. It isn't that he is out of ideas or uninterested in Zelda anymore. PBG makes his better videos when he is enjoying what he is doing. His worst videos are the ones where his heart wasn't in it. Apart from the one with Chad, he feels like he was just going through the motions.

One of his videos had to be axed. PBG will take some time to make the video better. There is also another video that is a collaboration video that has been delayed. PBG is excited to work on his next video. PBG wants to still do Zelda Month, but do 2-3 videos instead and put a lot more effort into those. PBG wanted other people to catch on to Zelda Month videos, and a lot of people have.

PBG wants to make videos that he wants to make. It doesn't make a lot of sense to drop out a whole lot of videos in one month of the year. It made more sense when he had a lot to say. Now that he doesn't have a lot to say, it is more difficult to talk about. The dogs bark as he gets a package.

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