Stewart Hargrave (aka McJones, McJonesRylie, or Professor McJones) is Austin's brother and was a regular member in the Hardcore series. While he has a YouTube channel, he does not upload any content to it.

Appearances outside of Hardcore Edit

Stewart first appeared in Adventure to MINECRAFT HELL! Together with PBG and Kyrak, the trio explore the Nether together on a quest for glowstone. They all die several times.

McJones helped PBG in The MySims Massacre, where he dug the hole to put in the My Sims game, as well as film parts of it too.

McJones played the role of Herobrine in the G-Files: Minecraft episode.

McJones was one of the members of jiffyjimbothe3 and ntn755am

Hardcore Edit

McJones has been in every series of Hardcore to date. He holds several roles throughout the series, usually being the only person who knows what he is doing! He regularly lasts a long time in each series, being the first person to succeed in 2 series, but usually dies to freak accidents late in the series. He has been killed by both the Ender Dragon and the Wall of Flesh, however, he did defeat the Elder Guardians.

He is regularly called "Professor McJones". This is due to his vast knowledge and experience in the games they are playing. He often gives advice to other players and tells them detail on what they need to achieve to accomplish their goals.

He also plays a straight man role and foil to Dean, who is much less predictable. Dean regularly insists on traveling with McJones, much to McJones' disapproval.

On March 10th of 2018, McJones officially stated he was retiring from Hardcore.[1]

Hardcore Statistics Edit

McJones has appeared in every season of Hardcore up until Starbound 1. Originally, McJones' theme song is the theme from Jeopardy. From Minecraft Season 5 onward, this is changed to the Professor Layton theme.

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Last Words Other notes
Minecraft #1 17 Shoved into the void by the Ender Dragon Dean, Barry, Jon "I'm falling! What is going- I died." The first Hardcore death in the End.

McJones' death was a mystery until PBG slowed down the footage and saw the Ender Dragon.

DayZ 1 Got shot by other players Austin, Jon, Barry, Dean, Ross, Jared "Oh, I'm being Shot at!" This is the first time he was the first to die.
Terraria #1 5 Crushed by a boulder Austin, Jon, Jeff "Oh Crap!" While Dean and McJones were mining, they both were crushed by a boulder at the same time.
Minecraft #2 19 Slain by Zombie Pigman Barry "I'm dead!"
Diablo 2 14 Is unable to reach the portal and is swarmed by enemies Paul, Jirard
Minecraft #3 11 Burns to death in lava PBG, Shane, Smooth McGroove "You trapped me in! I-I'm dead." While trying to build a base, he and PBG dig into lava. Shane accidentally traps McJones in the lava, and he is unable to escape before burning to death.
MineZ 14 Attacked by a zombie Austin, Jeff, Brutalmoose, Barry "I hear a zombie. He's walking near a-AHH!" While trying to cure his zombie aids with Austin, McJones reaches a town in the desert where he is suddenly killed by a zombie.

It has been Confirmed that McJones' Death in this was the first.



23 Dies to the Wall of Flesh He's so close! Nooooooo!" This is the only time he was the last to die, until Terraria Hardcore 3.
Minecraft #4 - - McJones lived alongside Jeff, Dean and Austin

Four people achieved the goal in this season.

Minecraft #5 15 Burns to death while fighting Blazes and a wither skeleton. Austin, Ray, Jeff "I might die! I'm dead!"
Terraria #3 (24) Killed by the Goblin Army "I've never seen this thing before." [dies] "Well, that's a sucky way to end!" Died after the goal was completed. This is the second time he has succeeded in a hardcore.
MineZ #2 11 Killed by another player. Austin, Jeff, Ian, Jared, Barry "Oh, I'm almost dead. I'm gonna die! AHH-!"
Minecraft #6 2 Accidentally falls into lava. Austin, Dodger, Chad, Jared, Dean, Jeff “We need four more beds.” Austin and Chad were placing blocks off a small cliff to cover up lava, but stopped to fight zombies. McJones comes down to them, but does not realize there is lava right beside the cliff and falls into it.


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