THE MOST HATED! is the fourth episode in season 1 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date January 14th 2013
Series Terraria Season 1
Episode No. 4

Deaths Paul

Synopsis Edit

The episode starts with Paul dying off screen, followed by Dean almost being killed. Everyone starts panicking. Dean and McJones go to help SpaceHamster, and all get into trouble and almost die. SpaceHamster blocks himself off from the enemies. Jon keeps on bragging about how well he is doing.

Austin then gets chased by zombies, and conceals himself in dirt. McJones and Jon go to help and McJones finds Austin's shelter hilarious. Dean finds Barry's tombstone. Jon and Austin go off on their own, and Jon throws bombs at Austin. Jon says in the chat that he wants to be the most hated - and breaks some of the house AGAIN!