To Kill an Avatar is the first episode of To Kill an Avatar. In it, PBG demonstrates how dark and violent video-games can be.

To Kill An Avatar
Upload Date July 24th 2010
Series To Kill An Avatar



PeanutButterGamer is bored so he decides to kill some people. PBG recommends killing pixelated characters, as it is a stress reliever and fun doing things we couldn't or wouldn't do in real life. PBG looks at games where the player can kill innocent civilians.

Rollercoaster Tycoon - There are various ways players can kill people visiting it. Having two carts crash into each other causes them to be disintegrated by the fire. Creating a tower launcher and watching the people fly. A garden maze with a pool of water at the end of it allows visitors to drown.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadran - There are tiny people on the ground that are fun to shoot at. They explode when they are shot at. There are also buildings to shoot down too.

The Sims - The key idea here is to be creative with how to kill a Sim. PBG creates a 'Sim Survivor'. The first Sim to die in the pool loses.PBG also likes launching a rocket in a room with burnable objects inside it. PBG also likes to play Dampe the Gravekeeper. He invites people to his house and kills them!

PBG is all killed out, and decides to play Animal Crossing, where he gets angry at a bunny.

To Kill an Avatar

To Kill an Avatar

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