Top 10 Climbers in Video Games
Upload Date December 30th 2009
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PBG lists the best climbers in gaming.

Synopsis Edit

The only rule for this list is that the character must be able to climb with pure skill and no superpowers.

10 - Ice Climbers (Ice Climber). He just runs around and jumps, but his last name is Climber.

9 - Gordon Freeman (Half Life). He's a ladder climbing beast.

8 - Faith (Mirror's Edge). The climbing she does is impressive. She can get up a rooftop in a split-second.

7 - Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong series). He can climb vines and trees like nobody's business.

6 - DK Junior (Donkey Kong Jr). He saves his father's butt, while climbing!

5 - The Prince of Persia. He can run up and alongside walls, swing from poles and climb anything with a ledge on it.

4 - Altair (Assassin's Creed). He'll just climb up some clock tower and jump off unnoticed.

3 - Wander (Shadow of the Colossus). He climbs onto his enemies.

2 - Nathan Drake (Uncharted). Climbing seems to be the solution of every problem that comes his way. The snowy ledges is probably his biggest achievement - with his bare hands.

1 - The Contra Guys - these guys don't need ladders or poles, they just need walls and a ceiling. They even climb on missiles.


Top 10 Climbers in Video Games!-0

Top 10 Climbers in Video Games!-0

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