PBG went to E3 in 2010, and made a list of the Top 5 Best and Worst of E3 2010.

Top 5 Best and Worst of E3 2010
Upload Date June 18th 2010
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PBG is here to give the top 5 best and worst things that happened at E3 2010.

Top 5 Best Edit

5. Sorcery. Sony's press conference was really boring. In Sorcery, the motion controls look really interesting. Waving his hand to create a fire and destroying enemies with a fiery wind is what PBG wants.

4. Donkey Kong Country Returns. There was speculation that Nintendo was going to be bringing its old franchises back, and in this case, they were right. PBG would have preferred a 3D Donkey Kong, but this game looks promising. It might even be more challenging than previous installments.

3. Marvel vs Capcom 3. It's been ten years since the last one. We got a look at some of the new characters such as  Felicia and Captain America.

2. Dead Space 2. Dead Space is one of PBG's favorite games of the current generation. There was a new trailer and tons of gameplay footage shown and PBG is really looking forward to it.

1. Nintendo 3DS. The most exciting thing at E3 was originally something PBG wasn't interested in at all. What impresses PBG even more is that there is already a long line up of games on the way.

Top 5 Worst Edit

5. NO Pikmin 3. Pikmin 3 was confirmed in 2008, but there is still no new information about it, apart from word that it has been put into development.

4. Move Price Tag. The PlayStation Move actually looks pretty promising, but its price tag isn't. Expect to pay $49.95 for the motion controller, and $29.99 for the navigation controller. While its cheaper than the Kinect, if you want more than one controller, you better have some spare cash.

3. NO Last Guardian. Sony had the best presentation last year, and PBG was looking forward to The Last Guardian. Sadly, there was nothing about it this year. Hopefully it will appear at Tokyo Game Show. PBG is disappointed that this game isn't finished enough yet.

2. Valve's Surprise. Valve promised a surprise before E3, and fans of Half Life 2 were disappointed that it wouldn't be a Half Life game. Since Portal 2 was already announced, it was disappointing that a port to the PS3 was this 'big surprise'. 

1. Microsoft Press Conference. The entire conference was a huge disappointment. It started OK, but they went on for over an hour with just Wii rip-offs, and it was just awful to watch.