Top 5 Revolvers in Video Games
Upload Date October 26th 2009
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PBG lists his favorite revolvers from gaming.

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PBG finds that most games do not have revolvers in them and wonders why.

5. Half Life. One of the first things that PBG thinks of about Half Life is all of the weapons available. However, it is the revolver that he always keeps on going back to when he is in a tough situation. Ammo is rare because the revolver is so powerful. One of the hardest things about the revolver is when to use it.

4. Team Fortress 2. The Spy's ambassador is very effective if used correctly. PBG is terrible at being a spy. It's very accurate, and is always a critical hit when the player gets a head shot.
Top 5 Revolvers in Video Games

Top 5 Revolvers in Video Games

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3. Fallout 3 Black Ops. The Blackhawk is a revolver with a scope. Many enemies can be dealt with with one shot to the head with the Blackhawk. There is no recoil while using the scope, so it is perfect for shooting enemies at a distance. There is no kickback, and it can make a person explode - even though every weapon in Fallout can do that.

2. Bioshock.The revolver is the first and one of the few guns given to the player in Bioshock, due to the plasma system. Players tend to not run out of ammo too often and can use it more often. The revolver can be upgraded to hold 24 rounds.

1. Resident Evil 4. The hand-cannon can kill almost every regular enemy in the game in one shot, and can shoot through shields. The hand-cannon can kill Salazar, one of the last bosses in the game in four shots. It also has infinite ammo, and never has to be reloaded with an upgrade.

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  • In PBG's SCG, he noted that this episode was one of his most embarrassing videos.